Cardiac Resychchronization Therapy

This training provides a step by step implantation of CRT devices under the advice and supervision of the responsible expert with focus on techniques for LV lead placement. Besides the implantation techniques and skills, the participant will also exercise technical functionality, programming and follow-up with patients.

Training Topics (to be adjusted to individual needs)

  • Indication, patient case review and preparation
  • Explanation of CRT leads(s) choices and features (sensing, detection, therapy, diagnosis)
  • Surgical techniques (pocket preparation, puncturing, cut-down)
  • CS cannulation techniques
  • LV lead positioning and replacement
  • Intraoperative measurements
  • Tips and Tricks of successful CRT implantations
  • Typical complications and recommendations to avoid interactions
  • Trouble shooting of several problems
  • Optimization of CRT paramenter setting
  • Management of non-responder
  • Patient follow-up
  • Hands-on training according to requirements and availability

Preceptorship Centers

Clinical training centers offering “Cardiac Resychchronization Therapy”