BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring in practice

The Home Monitoring system will be explained on the HM platform in the hospital based on clinical cases. Participants will be shown how to optimize patient flow and alerts.

Training Topics (to be adjusted to individual needs)

  • Explanation of the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® System
  • Telemedicine for PM/ICD/CRT patients: Remote monitoring and early detection
  • Data transmission: different steps from the patient to Home Monitoring® Website
  • Clinical benefits of Home Monitoring®
  • Differentiation of Home Monitoring® with other telemedicine systems
  • Working with the Home Monitoring® Website
  • Website navigation
  • Clinical data interpretation
  • Patient history: Access to past events
  • Workflow organization
  • Workflow set up (work coordination between nurse/ technical staff/physician)
  • How to use the CardioMessenger?

Preceptorship Centers

Clinical training centers offering “BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring in practice”

Clinic City Country
Silesian Center for Heart Disease Zabrze Zabrze Poland