Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital

Pilsonu street 13
1002 Riga ยท Latvia
Prof. Andrejs Erglis
Chief of Cardiology Department
Preceptor Experience in years of Preceptor Number of cases (average / year) Number of cath labs / equipment
Coronary Vascular Intervention Prof. Andrejs Erglis > 30 years PCI: ~ 4538
CTO: ~ 255
STEMI: ~ 483
Rotablation: 15 IVUS&OCT: ~ 400
4x cath labs
1x hybrid operating room
Radial Access 75%, Rotablation -1, IVUS -4, OCT, FFR.

Additional information

Particular offerings/techniques - Magmaris implantation
- Hands-on training based on skills and legal requirements
- Specialized training on radial access
Hospital size 50 Deparments (Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesiology etc.)
857 Beds (44 500 inpatients, 211 000 outpatients)
Access to location International Riga Airport (8km)
Riga Central Station (5km)
Last update of information September 2019

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