National Research Cardiac Surgery Center

Turan Avenue 38
010000 Astana ยท Republic of Kazakhstan
Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov
Head of Intervention arrythmology department
Preceptor Experience in years of Preceptor Number of cases (average / year) Number of cath labs / equipment
Pacemaker Therapy Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov > 17 years IPG: ~ 250 2x cath labs
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov > 17 years ICD: ~ 120 2x cath labs
Cardiac Resychchronization Therapy Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov > 17 years CRT-D: ~ 95
CRT-P: ~ 5
2x cath labs
Electrophysiology Dr. Ayan Abdrakhmanov > 17 years AVNRT/WPW: ~ 420
Aflut: ~ 100
Afib: ~ 555, RF - 135
Cryo: ~420
VT: ~ 25
2x cath labs
Carto, Cryo
Coronary Vascular Intervention Dr. Marat Aripov > 17 years PCI: ~ 650
CTO: ~ 60
Left main coronary artery (LMCA), A. Carotis, A. renalis, Transradial catheterization, PVR, SVR
4x cath labs:
1x cath lab, biplane

Additional information

Particular offerings/techniques - Hands-on center with high volume and high end
- Simulation room with VistLAB stimulator by Mentice AB. Software: CRM, CVI (including Magmaris), transseptal puncture
- Non-fluoroscopic ablations and IPG implantations
- Transcatheter pacing systems (IPG without leads)
- Pregnant and children arrhythmology procedures
- Transradial access, invasive valuation of Systemic Vascular Resistance and Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
Hospital size There are 6 surgical and two intensive care units for 36 beds with the round-the-clock monitoring of life support.
Bed capacity of the center makes 200 beds
Access to location Astana International Airport (~13 km)
Last update of information 2017

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