National Cardiovascular Institute Bratislava

Pod Krásnou hôrkou 1
SK-83348 Bratislava · Slovakia
Prof. Robert Hatala
Head of Deparment
Preceptor Experience in years of Preceptor Number of cases (average / year) Number of cath labs / equipment
Pacemaker Therapy Dr. Peter Margitfalvi > 21 years (Dr. Margitfalvi) IPG: ~ 700 1x EP lab
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy Dr. Peter Margitfalvi > 21 years (Dr. Margitfalvi) ICD: ~ 250 1x EP lab
Cardiac Resychchronization Therapy Dr. Peter Margitfalvi > 21 years (Dr. Margitfalvi) CRT-D: ~ 100
CRT-P: ~ 50
1x EP lab
Electrophysiology Prof. Dr. Robert Hatala
Dr. Peter Hlivak
> 26 (Prof. Hatala)
> 26 years (Dr. Hilvak)
SVT: ~ 300
Afib: ~ 150
VT: ~ 50 (Endo, Epi)
2x EP labs, 1x hybrid operating room

Carto, EnSite
Extended intracardiac ultrasound application in all complex arrhythmia cases

Additional information

Particular offerings/techniques - Special courses on CRT implantation in difficult CS anatomies (hands-on possible if fullfilling all legal requirements)
- Intracardiac ultrasound use during ablation
- LV endocardial lead placement
Hospital size Department of Cardiology:
86 Beds (3,500 inpatients)
Access to location Airport Vienna International (40 minutes highway drive)
Last update of information 2017

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