Elisabeth Essen Hospital

Klara-Kopp-Weg 1
45138 Essen · Germany
Dr. Dietmar Schmitz
Head of department for IPG/ICD/CRT therapy
Preceptor Experience in years of Preceptor Number of cases (average / year) Number of cath labs / equipment
Pacemaker Therapy Dr. Dietmar Schmitz > 25 years IPG: ~ 500 5x cath labs
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy Dr. Dietmar Schmitz > 25 years ICD: ~ 100 5x cath labs
Cardiac Resychchronization Therapy Dr. Dietmar Schmitz > 25 years CRT-D: ~ 120
CRT-P: ~ 70
5x cath labs

Additional information

Particular offerings/techniques Specialized hospital for device implantations
Hospital size Total number of beds: 600
Access to location Airport Dortmund (~ 46 km)
Airport Düsseldorf (~ 48 km)
Last update of information May 2019

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